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Your go-to top brand tire shop

For tires we offer up the best brands like Michelin and Firestone; some of the best brands available just for you.

A full service tire shop

Tires are obviously an integral part to your automobile, but many often do not take the time to maintain their tires. We understand that such things can become quite tedious over time, but it is highly important to make sure your tires are up to par.

Tires have an overall impact on break time, safety inclement weather (snow and rain), and gas mileage. Such factors cannot be ignored or small problems can fairly quickly turn to big ones.

At Blackies Auto Repair we have a full service tire shop that helps you with all your tire needs. If you’re in need of all new tires from the best brands around, we have you covered. If your overdue for a tire rotation; not a problem at all, we've got the trained professionals that can assist you.

Check out all of our tire service offerings:

  • Tire rebalancing
  • Tire inspections
  • Tire rotations
  • Much more!

For tire purchase we offer nothing but the best tire brands around:

  • Michelin Man
  • Goodrich
  • Firestone

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